Seize The Opportunity And Master Your Life

Seize the Opportunity and Master Your Life

Your life is essentially a movie. Youíve got lead characters, a supporting cast, dramatic events, and quite a few twists in the plot.

Itís obvious you are the main character in your life movie. Just as important though, is youíre the director. The director can either make the movie - or break it. Why? Because a directorís job is to edit, review, and revise.

Sadly, many people have hired everyone else but themselves for the role. These people often end up a ďvictim of life.Ē However, itís never too late to fire that guy and hire yourself!

As the director, you get the exciting opportunity to keep the things in your life you love, and change the things youíre not so happy about. You get to add a little comedy, action, romance, adventure Ė whatever it takes to make a life-movie youíre proud of.

Letís Talk Salary

Congratulations! You have just offered yourself the position of directing your life Ė and accepted it!

Itís no wonder big-time, Hollywood directors make anywhere between $3,000,000 and $250,000,000 per movie! Yes, you read right - 3 to 250 million dollars. All that for a two hour movie.

Now letís apply that to you. As the director of your life (because itís a non-stop job), you will have directed 4380 2-hour movies. Just for fun, letís say you get paid a mere 2 million per movie. Your annual income would be $8,760,000,000,000!

OK, now letís be serious. If youíre making a quality movie - one that youíre proud of and audiences will love - donít you deserve to be paid for it? After all, if every movie of your life is filled with great things, not only do you improve your life, but your familyís and those around you. You are truly making the world a better place.

Whoís Going to Pay Me?

The realist in you is screaming this question at the top of its lungs. The answer: YOU. How? By investing in yourself. In your life movie, if itís your financial situation youíre not satisfied with, start by finding another stream of income - preferably one that generates income 24 hours a day. If itís your health, make a change in your diet or exercise routine. Or maybe you donít feel thereís enough time for you in your day. As the director, you get the authority to add some ďyou-timeĒ in your schedule.

The common thread here is to try something new. Youíre going to keep getting what youíve always gotten if you keep doing what youíve always done. Youíre in charge!

And... Action!

The Secret Law of Attraction


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