Positive Attitude Brings Many Rewards To Your Life

Are You Aware That Having A Positive Attitude Brings Many Rewards To Your Life Including Your Health?

Positive Attitude (comics)

Like anything a positive attitude can be learnt.  Studies have shown that many have a  negative attitude to most aspects of life.  I’m sure you constantly hear others moaning about different things and basically feeling sorry for themselves.

This article looks at the reasons and benefits of having a more positive outlook on life.

Developing and manifesting a positive attitude makes your life (and those around you)  happier, healthier and more successful.

I’m sure if you’re anything like me you find that when you have a positive attitude you’re able to cope with the everyday demands that life has to offer… or you may feel that are thrown at you. 

And don’t you agree… that anything that helps you cope more easily with your daily affairs of life has to be a bonus.  More happiness, more energy and more health.

Developing A Positive Attitude Can Be As Easy As…..

 * Choosing to be happy.

* Looking on the bright side of life.

* Choosing to be and staying optimistic.

* Finding reasons to smile more often…Turn that frown upside down!

* Learning meditation to quiet your inner being.

* Gratitude… write a list of 5 things you’re grateful for each day.

* Have a laugh…. or at least a chuckle.

I’m sure you’re aware that Positive psychology studies indicate a positive attitude, along with positive thinking and an optimistic outlook, can bring better health and greater happiness.

Over the years I decided that I needed to have a change of approach. I wanted to be a happy and care-free person…which I’m sure you all want… don’t you agree?  I was fed up of always being stressed and worrying about the future. 

To achieve this I started to read many self-help, confidence & motivational books, (and still have my favourites that I read constantly)… blogs and websites.  Reading inspirational and motivational books uplift your spirit to a new way of thinking and believing.

There was a regular message which came from this literature which was to think more positive and to believe in your ability to succeed in whatever you attempt to do.  Praise yourself even for the small changes you make and milestones you reach.  These are the building blocks of your life.

This is easy to write or say, but in reality it is difficult to implement in practice….and there is the magic word… practice… practice.  During these new discoveries there will be times you feel that you are failing….but..remember you are taking Action just by implementing some of these strategies.

The more you read the more you’ll discover  important messages which can be missed the first time around. One of these lessons is to take a positive out of whatever happens to you, even if this is learning from your failings.

I’m sure there are times when you’ll find it hard to put a positive slant on things.  Don’t be hard on yourself .. your attitude won’t change overnight.  Even small changes can make a huge difference to your life…be thankful for each and every one. 

Over time a positive attitude and the rewards to your life including your health, and the others around you, will come naturally from which you will greatly benefit.  And which you deserve.  Give it a go and you be the judge.

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9 Responses to “Positive Attitude Brings Many Rewards To Your Life”

  1. J Glen says:

    It’s good to be reminded that our attitudes are a choice, and one can choose to be positive. Often we forget to do that.

    Some people such as myself are naturally positive, but if you find yourself dealing with constant setbacks, it really takes a lot of effort to remain positive, that’s why your suggestions are so helpful. Thanks for the info.
    .-= J Glen´s last blog ..Best Anti Aging Products–Skin Care =-.

  2. Glen says:

    There’s no question that postitive outlook affects your entire life. Sometimes it just comes down to learning to accept that bumps happen and that you need to watch the long path and ignore the short term and develop the discipline to just keep at it.

    Glen Ford

  3. The power of positive thinking has been so maligned and yet it is so incredibly powerful. Thank you for a great article.

    Another truly positive life approach is to stop arguing. Instead try to understand how what the other person is saying is true. Because it is true for them.
    .-= James Hendrix´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    • admin says:

      Hi James… Yes, the power of positive thinking is powerful. It’s really up to each of us to decide whether we want to have an ordinary day or an ‘Extraordinary’ one!

  4. I too like to read motivational books and try stay positive most of the time. It’s difficult sometimes depending on what going on but as you say parctice is perfect. The other thing I’ve been doing is limiting my time around negative people. Obviously you don’t want to ignore family and friends but you need to find the right balance with negative people
    .-= Luca DiNicola´s last blog ..Powerstart 2010 – Starting an Online Business The Right Way =-.

  5. John Fink says:

    I visited your blog for the first time today and read several of your posts. I especially liked the January 5th post, “Positive Attitude Brings Many Rewards To Your Life” If it were not for having a positive attitude, I would never have survived my Stage 4 cancer.
    .-= John Fink´s last blog ..Pet Scan =-.