Self Motivation Goal Setting Strategies

Self Motivation Goal Setting Strategies Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals helps you focus and strive for what you deserve in life…With motivation clear realistic goals and committment… you will reach your ultimate goal in life.

I will achieve my goals
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Take the time to really think about what you want to achieve. I’m not saying that it will be easy, as I’m sure there will be many stumbling blocks along the way.

To help you overcome these obstacles ensure your goals you set are very specific, clear and easy. During these stressful and challenging times meditation has been proven beneficial to your health as it helps to calm your inner being and makes it easier for you to cope during these trying times.

Besides the need for your goals to be challenging, they also have to be realistic which gives you stepping stones that are attainable without being discouraging. Starting small definitely has advantages which is a strategy that helps to keep up your motivation while working towards your goals. Achieving these small milestones helps build your self confidence because it helps you move forward to the next stage.

Writing down your specific goals and dividing it into short manageable sections and achievable tasks definitely helps you know which direction and steps need to be taken for you to reach your ultimate goals.

Keep striving towards your goals… sometimes you may need motivation from others to help you along the way…but most important is the belief in yourself and your self motivation goal setting strategies.

Visualize yourself reaching your your end goal. Also critical to your success is an optimistic outlook….Believe in yourself and know that you can achieve your ultimate goal….with Commitment, Motivation, Belief In Yourself and of course….. Action!

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8 Responses to “Self Motivation Goal Setting Strategies”

  1. Carl says:

    Excellent points on goal setting and staying motivated. One thing I have always found that works for me is starting with the end in mind and working backwards.

    Start with your long term goals and break them into pieces which could be short-term and medium-range goals. This will help you stay motivated with your long term goal, easier to succeed when you break it into little bits.
    .-= Carl´s last blog ..What Are 6 Important Questions to Ask When Organizing Your Home? =-.

  2. Ezmarketeer says:

    What a great post! Loved the video.
    As you say if you want to be or stay in business online focus is the Key.
    Goals and stepping stones! Thanks for the info.
    I’ll be back.

    .-= Ezmarketeer´s last blog ..Multi Profit Websites – The TRUTH!. =-.

  3. I’m a strong beliver is setting attainable goals. My problem is in staying consistant, I’m easily distracted and with ideas and get side tracked easily. I’m working on it and 2010 has been better so far.
    I wrote a similar post on my blog early in January and trying to follow the advice. I also agree with Carl that breaking down your goals is a good idea.

    Nice blog and post
    .-= Luca DiNicola´s last blog ..Powerstart 2010 – Starting an Online Business The Right Way =-.

    • admin says:

      Hi Luca,
      It can often be hard to stay consistent with so many distractions going on around us. One of my biggest distractions is email. I try to look at them after I’ve done my daily tasks otherwise time just gets away… which can never be reclaimed. Writing down your goals with a daily task list can help to keep you focused and on track.

  4. Rocque says:

    Sometimes we set our goals too low. However I have my goals on my wall in my office. I have goals that I set 3 years ago that I have not reached. It seems that my plans on how I was going to reach my financial goals have changed, so I am even rethinking my financial goals. They do not seem so unrealistic. However the path I was taking turned into a dead end or maybe just a detour as life sent in some major hurdles. It is always great to read motivational blogs. Although I seem further away from my goals than ever, I know that if I keep going one day I will get there.

    .-= Rocque´s last blog ..Health Care 2010 =-.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rocque,
      Yes.. Life has a funny way of throwing hurdles in our way… some small and some like boulders. We have to take a deep breath and try to look for ways round these obstacles and break them down into manageable tasks. Sometimes it takes talking to someone else to help us see clearly. Over time our goals do change… that’s fine just alter your plan and move ahead.